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What makes you stand out?

From big box gyms to small studios, from group classes to 1:1 personal training sessions, people have never had more ways to spend money on their fitness than they have today. Anyone can buy treadmills and weights and start a gym. Bigger gyms can even offer personal training and classes. But today, these "benefits" and becoming "basics" for many people. One gym is pretty much the same as another.

What are you doing to stand out? Why should people come to you and stay?

InBody can help you guide your members to success and help you develop your business at the same time.

The InBody: Professional Body Composition Analyzer

Test your member's body compositions with the speed of BIA and the accuracy of a gold standard.

  • Full range of outputs, including Percent Body Fat, Lean Body Mass, Skeletal Muscle Mass, and Total Body Water
  • Reveals Lean Mass development in each arm, leg, and the trunk
  • Test in less than a minute with gold standard accuracy
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"The InBody machine has become an integral part of our personal training business. Most importantly, it generates revenue by showing potential clients what issues they have, as well as impressing them with a state-of-the-art machine. It maintains and increases retention by having the clients be tested regularly so they can set goals and see results. I can't for a minute believe that anyone in the fitness industry could not want one of these machines."
Fred Steinberg, The Facility for Personal Training

Show Your Members Their Changes and Improvements in Black & White

A test on the InBody takes less than a minute and finishes with an InBody Results Sheet. These results give you and your member a complete understanding of their body composition, showing them where they can make improvements.

Body Composition Analysis

Help your members understand that "weight" is more than just a number by showing them how much Lean Body Mass, Fat Mass, and Body Water they have.

Obesity Analysis

Teach them about Percent Body Fat and help them set better goals beyond just simple weight loss.

Segmental analysis

Go deeper by identifying areas for improvement by individual body section, whether that's in a specific arm or leg or whether it's correcting an upper/lower body imbalance.

Example Profiles You Might See:

Every person who comes to you has unique needs and a unique body history. The InBody allows you to immediately recognize special body types that might require a special workout plan.

Skinny Fat

Normal weight, low muscle, high fat

You can use the InBody to show people that they can have a normal scale weight but too much body fat – something known as being “skinny fat.”


Low weight, low muscle, low fat

Some people come in underweight and want to “bulk up.” With the InBody, you can track weight changes and target skeletal muscle gains while keeping fat mass low.


Normal weight, high muscle, low fat

Competitive athletes need specialized body compositions for their chosen sport. With the InBody, you can offer the information necessary to improve the compositions of people who are already athletic but just need some fine tuning.

Keep members engaged by showing changes over time

It's hard for people to see minor changes on the outside. Keep them motivated by showing them the changes on the inside and encourage to encourage them to stay with their program.

Give Your Members Results They Can Trust

InBody devices use direct segmental measurement bioelectrical impedance analysis (DSM-BIA), a sophisticated and advanced form of BIA that blends the ease-of-use of a BIA scale with the accuracy and reliability of a gold standard device.

“In conclusion, this study shows DSM-BIA to be a valid tool for the assessment of whole body composition and segmental lean mass measurements in the middle-aged population when validated against DEXA.”
C.H.Y. Ling et al (2011)
Case Study: Alloy Personal Training Solutions | Read the case study >
"We had actually given up on body fat analysis about 10 years ago until we brought you guys back into the picture. Caliper testing was so invasive and we didn’t trust any of the other electrical impedance tests… we didn’t do anything at all until we brought you guys on board."
Rick Mayo, Founder, Alloy Personal Training Solutions

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"We have one of the best machines on the market...we will not back down from using the InBody."
Andrew Scott, Senior Manager of Research and Analytics, Life Time Fitness

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