• The 2017 InBody Challenge

    The InBody Challenge is a health transformation contest to get you on the right track to a healthier, happier life. The goal of this competition is to reward individuals who improve their overall body composition by increasing Lean Body Mass (LBM) and/or losing Fat Mass (FM).

    Event Information

    This event is open to the general public -- share with your family, friends, and acquaintances to join!

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    Initial Weigh-in Date:

    Thursday, January 12th from 9am-12pm

    Final Weigh-out Date:

    Tuesday, April 11th from 9am-12pm

    First Place Prize:

    $1,000 gift card plus cash (collective total of registration fees)

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  • What is the InBody Challenge?

    The InBody Challenge scoring system is designed to provide participants with an easy way of tracking changes in body composition over time and reward them for making positive changes.

    Rather than focusing solely on weight loss, the goal of this competition system is to reward individuals who improve their overall body composition by increasing their muscle mass and/or losing overall fat mass. The scoring system is devised to make the competition fair to all participants. By judging the amount of change (in lean or fat) in comparison to their starting level, this will allow all participants to be judged in a consistent fashion. It also allows people with dramatically different body compositions to participate and compete against each other in the same competition.

    To illustrate this, take a look at the two example subjects below. Subject A represents a lean, athletic body type whereas Subject B represents a heavyset, sedentary adult male.

    Because Subject B has more starting Fat Mass than Subject A, it may be much easier for Subject B to lose body weight, which would put Subject A at a distinct disadvantage in a more straightforward weight loss competition.

    To compensate for any starting advantages, the InBody Challenge will choose a winner based on how significant the changes in body composition are for that specific individual and NOT take into account pure weight loss.

    For example, if both Subjects A and B were to lose 10 pounds of body fat, they would effectively be tied in terms of pounds of weight loss. However, by taking into account the percentage of change relative to their starting points, Subject A made a much more significant change in his body composition. See below:

    Subject A would be rewarded for creating a greater change in body fat (40% vs 15.4%), even though the total loss in body fat was the same for both.

    However, weight loss is affected by changes in both body fat and Lean Body Mass/muscle. How do changes in muscle affect the results of the competition?

    Let’s assume Subject A focused on building muscle and gained 5lbs of LBM (Lean Body Mass), while Subject B's priority was losing as much body weight as possible and unintentionally lost 5lbs of LBM:

    Because Subject A gained 5 pounds of LBM (positive change), this would offset the 10 pounds of fat loss for an overall net weight loss of 5 pounds. On the other hand, Subject B lost 5 pounds of LBM (negative change), adding to the 10 pounds of fat loss for a net weight loss of 15 pounds. To determine a winner, the Excel file will add the percentage of LBM change with the percentage of Fat Mass change to determine overall direction and amount of overall net change:

    Despite only losing 5 pounds of body weight vs. Subject B’s 15 pounds of weight loss, Subject A would still win by a wide margin for showing the most positive change in overall body composition. The actual amount of change in overall weight is not important. What is important is the amount of change in body composition relative to an individual's starting point.

  • Resources

    Below are the template files needed to calculate the InBody Challenge winner.
  • Rules of the Competition

    LAST UPDATED JUNE, 30 2016

    For the most accurate test results, please follow the guidelines below. If the following guidelines cannot be met, test results may be skewed.

    CAUTION: Do not test if you are pregnant, menstruating, or have medical implants such as pacemakers or other life-sustaining medical implants.
    The InBody unit uses safe, low-level electrical currents and will not harm you during your InBody Test. However, to ensure your safety and comfort, please avoid taking an InBody Test if you meet these criteria.

    WHAT TO WEAR: Your bare hands and feet need to touch the InBody unit's electrodes, and your weight needs to be accurately measured to ensure accurate results. Please avoid wearing stockings, lotion, heavy articles of clothing, and metal accessories.

    The entry fee for the InBody Challenge is $10. InBody will provide the prizes listed below.

        1st place: $1,000 gift card plus cash of collective total of registration fees
        2nd place: InBody BAND - a fitness wearable that measures body composition, sleep, calories burned, and more
        3rd place: InBody PUSH - a portable stadiometer that measures height

    InBody will notify the winner at the end of final weigh-in date via the contact information provided at registration and will announce the winner publicly on the InBody Challenge website the following day.

    *If there is a tie for first place, the winners will split the pot evenly. To enter: You MUST sign up the InBody Challenge web page and weigh-in/test on the InBody 570 located in the InBody showroom on the dates mentioned. You must turn in your Result Sheet and your $10 entry fee to the designated person.. There will be no exceptions made for the weigh-in date. If you do not turn in your final weigh-in Result Sheet, you will be considered eliminated/disqualified from the competition, and your registration money will not be refunded.

    The formulas used for the InBody Challenge will be determined by using the Lean to Fat Ratio
    1. (LBM beginning – LBM End) / Beginning LBM
    2. (Fat End – Fat Beginning) / Beginning Fat

    *You may download the InBody Challenge Calculator under the Resources tab for a copy of the Calculator. . Note: not all circumstances can be automatically calculated.
    *Change in Body Weight is not considered for this competition

    The initial weigh-in height and final weigh-out height must be the same. By joining this challenge, you agree to compete and be judged by the Lean to Fat Ratio, regardless of your complaints or opinions about the “unfairness” of any participant’s gender, age, body type or physical condition. The purpose of this event is to encourage participants to maintain good mental and physical health and is NOT a gambling event.

    By VOLUNTARILY signing up for the InBody Challenge, you certify that you are physically fit and have not been advised to not participate by a qualified medical professional.

    A detailed listing of the InBody Challenge's terms and conditions can by downloaded on our resouce page.

  • Notice


    InBody would like to announce the next InBody Challenge schedule!
    1st Qtr., 2017: 1/12 (Thurs.) - 4/11 (Tues.)